Update coming in...

Revamped & Upgraded Cells!

Every tier of cell has been upgraded! All sporting new warps, names, sizes and limitations to make each tier have its own even battlefield!

Brand new cell guards!

A brand new Cell Guard system introduces a new way to upgrade your guards with Attributes!

Infuse your guards with Cosmic Energy and throw them into the wormhole to select from 5 attributes: Speed, Regen, Range, Health & Damage!

Mini Raids

Ever had that one gang that just drives you up the wall? Worry no more!

Cell guards now only protect an area around them (Viewable by doing /c map) When a cell guard is killed the area it protected becomes raidable!

NO more Tier 5

That’s right we have completely removed all Tier 5 cells! Not to worry all players that previously owned a Tier 5 will be getting a free upgrade to a Low Security Cell! (Tier 4).

Plus lots more updates! Head over to the Forums to find out about all the changes.